English Proofreading Helps All Authors

English Proofreading (EP)  meets the growing demand for English Language Copy Editing and Proofreading Services for Scientists, Academics and Research People from all over the world.

English Proofreading (EP)   helps Authors with their Manuscript Submissions to Editors
for Publication in Scientific and Academic Journals and Magazines.

We currently help many International Authors and Clients across the continents of Africa, Asia, Scandinavia, Europe, North America, and South America – and the many countries within.

English Proofreading (EP)  provides Professional Proofreading Services exclusively for Professors (PhD),
Master of Arts (M.A.)  and Master of Science (M.S., MSc, M.Si., or M.C.A.)  Authors
 that are either course-based, research-based, field-based, or a mixture of the three,
  together with all Lecturers, Post-Doctoral Researchers, Research Students and Thesis Writers.

English Proofreading (EP)  helps Scientific, Medical & Academic Authors  to write perfect English

If you need help with the English Language

You can send your manuscript, document or text for a Quotation with no obligation

We look forward to helping you with your English writing

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